US Postal Service Warning of Scam

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The US Postal Service is warning of telephone and email scam to gain victim’s personal information.

The U.S. Postal Service is warning of a recent scam to gain victim’s personal information. The Postal Inspection Service has received complaints from people nationwide, claiming they have received calls or emails from people claiming to be from the U.S. Postal Service. The emails and phone calls attempt to get personal identifying information of its victims. The criminals claim that a package or letter was unable to be delivered and request personal information in order to have item delivered.

For those victims who received an email, the customer was told to click a link or open an attachment then print a label. When the link was opened, a virus is installed into the computer. The virus, according to the agency, could steal or compromise the person’s personal identity information.

The US Postal service advises those who may receive a possibly fraudulent email to not click or open the attachment, forward the email to then delete the email.

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