PSI’s Civil Disturbance Training enables personnel to function effectively as individuals and as members of a riot control force. Our training is intensive, realistic, and continuous. PSI understands that in order to have an effective Riot Control Team, individual, team, and unit training are vital to develop personnel who are able to perform distasteful and dangerous duties with discipline and objectivity. A lack of training on the part of even one person can adversely affect the unit’s performance.
PSI’s training program is based on expected contingencies, prior training, the unit’s degree of experience, and the degree of proficiency that the unit has attained previously. The goal of the course is to create a well-trained, well-equipped unit that is maintained in a high-readiness level and prepared for rapid deployment. PSI’s training covers all aspects of civil disturbance operations. Our training covers more than just mechanical proficiency in crowd control formations; it also addresses the sensitivity and high visibility of civil disturbance operations. The course emphasizes protection of firefighters and their equipment, area inhabitants, and other peaceful individuals or groups attempting to control the disturbance. The course includes operational techniques for use in urban, suburban, and campus areas, as well as procedures for neutralizing special threats. Special threats may be snipers, arson, sabotage, etc. We cover use of protective equipment to include body armor, protective masks, or face-shields and the potential of wearing this equipment for long periods of time in varying weather conditions. The course also covers:

  • Stress Control
  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Policies and legal considerations
  • Standards of conduct
  • Use of minimum force
  • Use of riot control agents and munitions
  • Use of riot batons
  • Search and seizure techniques
  • Apprehension and detention
  • Neutralization of special threats
  • Development of Special Reaction Team
  • Media relations

PSI’s team of retired law enforcement and military professionals have vast experience in civil disturbances and riot control as a result of service in South Florida and overseas. Our team members have helped develop and utilized the techniques for this course.