Visitor and Resident Management is a crucial aspect of services provided by PSI to its Residential, Condominium, High Rise, and Special Event clients. The ability to effectively allow or deny access, identify visitors and contractors, and issue credentials when warranted is at the forefront of securing the property. To that end, PSI has teamed with a world leader in Officer and Visitor Management Software to provide our client base with state of the art solutions for these requirements. The Visitor and Resident Management software provides a robust value added solution, empowering security personnel to handle access control and concierge responsibilities, while providing all the tools necessary to control these processes.

This technology enables PSI’s team of concierge and security professionals to make information automatic and systematic so that team members know exactly what to do in any given situation. The system maintains detailed records of the flow of people, activities, and packages, so the risk of incidents on property is minimized. The goal of PSI is to provide full service solutions to our clients therefore mitigating risks inherent to their communities.

Benefits of the System include:

  • Visitor information collection via PC or tablet
  • Visitor authorization lists and black-lists
  • Visitor badge printing
  • Collection of signatures and visitor pictures
  • Visitor profiles for recurrent visitors
  • Identification card and credential scanning

Ensure Residents are Recognized and Informed by the ability to enter and maintain:

  • Tenant and owner profiles
  • Parking space management
  • Resident vehicle management
  • Reporting can be linked to residents and units
  • Notes on residents