PSI understands that technology is a key component of security and as a result PSI has partnered with industry leaders in order to offer our clients state of the art technology solutions for officer management, resident and visitor management, access control, reporting, asset tracking, and current asset location. PSI offers a robust mobile phone based platform for tour management, reporting, and Officer GPS locations services. Using smart-phones, PSI Security Officers report incidents, maintenance, and tour information in real-time and the reports are immediately available. All reports are online and available constantly; reports can be immediately emailed to any email address. Our platform has the ability to capture photographs and videos in order to maintain accurate information on incidents and occurrences.

PSI also relies on an industry leader for asset tracking services that is able to track assets and cargo anywhere in the world. A robust platform which records information on routes, cargo breaches, etc is an invaluable tool in order to determine any possible compromise during the transport process.