Security is simply the overall protection of equipment or assets that represent high value goods or potential liabilities. In order to protect an asset, it is necessary to know its location and when its status is altered from the desired state that indicates a possible breach in security.

Unauthorized movement or location of an asset might indicate theft or unauthorized access to the asset. Breach of a containment vessel might indicate theft of cargo, an accidental release of hazardous substances, or malicious activity related to terrorism or similar threats which jeopardize business, civilian and national well-being. Simply knowing that assets are protected and in their expected state can increase peace of mind, increase value delivered to customers and can even reduce insurance premiums.

Through a strategic partnership with a world leader in Asset Tracking and Security, PSI is able to offer owners of remote assets industry leading services to locate, track, monitor, assess, and communicate with assets anywhere in the world – in real time. Continuous knowledge of the location and status of assets enables immediate notification of threats against them and the taking of action to limit damage or loss – often resulting in recovery, minimized losses and reduced insurance premiums. Monitoring of remote sensors and other devices can assist in the defense of life and limb – a benefit that has limitless value.

The unique capabilities of the Global Locating System (GLS) for monitoring un-powered assets delivers unmatched results in increasing the security and protection of critical remote assets across the globe. Global In-Transit Visibility (ITV) supports global logistics with visibility of remote assets anywhere in the world.