PSI’s staff offers professional Event Security for Entertainment and Sporting Events. PSI is able to provide specialized services for a single event or periodic events at fixed sites or traveling shows or exhibits. If the event requires travel, our team is able to provide security services both in the United States and abroad. PSI’s team will create a plan of action based on territorial threats, intelligence gathered, and crime reports for each location of the event. If the event will travel, PSI will develop the required intelligence for each location prior to arrival.
In addition to intelligence gathering, plan development, and managing a venue’s on-site security, our team is able to provide the following additional services to our clients:

  • background checks of prospective staff
  • due diligence of potential partners and investors
  • threat and risk analyses of the event and participants
  • investigations, both undercover and overt, of suspect people and activities

When all of these safeguards are initiated, they constitute critical pieces of a comprehensive security program for each and every event.