The aviation industry lies at the center of domestic and international transportation and plays a vital role in supporting global economic development and competitiveness. Aviation security is therefore a major priority for both national and international organizations. PSI has the security experience to meet and exceed aviation security services requirement.

In the context of strengthened security measures since 9/11, and subsequent attempted attacks by terrorists, the need for ongoing vigilance has meant that the length and intensity of passenger security checks in airports have grown. This has resulted in a significant increase in the costs of security measures for airports, subsequent changes in the economic model of airport operations, and heavy impact of those security measures on airport throughput and airline delays. PSI is able to develop an aviation security program tailored to meet your specific risk and budget.

PSI uses common aviation security rules and objectives that are established to implement appropriate measures to prevent acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation. PSI’s knowledge of these common basic standards on aviation security measures and their appropriate compliance monitoring mechanisms are all valuable assets to your organization aviation security program.