Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Providing elite services for the public and private sectors.

PSI Security and Investigations is a specialized security, training, risk management, and life safety organization providing services and assistance to domestic corporations, government agencies, and individuals. In the United States, PSI Security and Investigations is a duly organized, licensed, and insured security and private investigative agency registered in the State of Florida under license numbers A-1100197 and B-1100144.  In addition, PSI is proud to be a Certified Minority Business Enterprise as designated by the State of Florida Office of Supplier Diversity under the provisions of Florida State Statutes 287 and 295.187 and Certified Drug Free Workplace.

PSI Security and Investigations is a complete portfolio organization that was formed in 2003 to provide elite services to the public and private sectors. The driving force for PSI are our people. Our organization relies on a team of motivated professionals with the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide our national clients with full service solutions specifically catered to their needs. At PSI, we understand that our clients are unique and to that end, we develop specific policies, procedures, and programs to address these distinct requirements. PSI’s staff of professionals will always present the most cost effective planning combined with the most advanced systems and techniques in security, investigations, communications, surveillance, and training. Utilizing our strategic partner alliances and relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers we are able to address the various needs of our customer base. PSI is headquartered in Miami, Florida, near the Tamiami Airport, and utilizes in-country assets, support staff, and personnel across the United States to provide sound solutions to our customers and partners.


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